-Taxi, meaning to move, and Derm, meaning skin.

Another service that puts us ahead of our competition is the limited warranty that we offer. After completion of your item you’ll receive an instruction sheet explaining the best approach in taking care of your trophy. This form also has a small section, which simply needs to be filled and returned back within 5 business days. All it requires is your name and address. The limited warranty covers all craftsmanship. We're so sure in our products which we produce that nothing should happen! Well enough of the talk, see for yourself why we are the most sought after taxidermists in the Hawaiian Islands.....




"Made in Hawaii, by the People of Hawaii."



                   When receiving your specimen all information is taken from you to ensure that there is no mix up with any other specimens here. All items are tagged, contract is then signed and money is deposited.


                   We then take all necessary measurements to assist us in bringing the specimen to the exact size and proper fit.


                    Skinning will then be performed with great care making sure that no holes will be made to the skin. During this process we will treat the skin for any bacteria possibly growing; saving the skin from slipping. (rotting) Next, after skinning and removing all meats and fats the skin is properly washed of all its natural grease and dirt it acquires throughout its lifetime.


                    We insist on the highest standard of wet tanning to have stretch and pliability from the skin. The system used is a pressurized drum, (ours is the 1st and only facility which uses it in the state of Hawaii) which forces the tanning chemicals into the skin with pressure, and at the same time extracting the natural toxic fluids a skin uses to break down itself. The final product is a well-tanned skin. Next, we flesh the skin using a 12 inch rotary fleshing machine to ensure that there is no shrinking to the skin and  to thin down the skin as much as possible. Finally, the detail fleshing to the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are all hand done one stroke at a time with an X-acto knife.


                     Not every animal is the same size, and logic follows that every mount will be tailored to the actual size of your trophy. We take great care to customizing the form to insure proper fit. Again, our goal is to recreate your trophy to the exact likeness of the animal you harvested.


                     Finally, after all the measuring, skinning, tanning and customizing the manikin it all comes down to the most important step- MOUNTING. Now with the skin properly preserved and the manikin altered to the pose requested, we finally place the skin unto the manikin. Everything should and will fall into place and when doing an excellent job from the beginning, everything pay’s off. Now we add hide paste to the manikin assuring the skin will adhere to all the details we introduced into the manikin.


                     One of the final touches we add to the actual animal is the sculpting of many facial features such as the eyelids and nostrils. After these finishing touches have been applied, we have painstakingly recreated a detailed, realistic and natural appearance of your trophy. Once this is completed the animal almost seems to have come alive.


                     Now that you have a nearly living work of art, you need a scenic backdrop. Our habitat team strives for realism in creating the surroundings of your mount. By blending handmade synthetic materials and hand collected natural soils and plants, we provide a realism that can only be matched by Mother Nature herself. Most of our bases have wheels for easy transportation and are cast in lightweight poly-foam to ensure that the look is natural without the weight. 

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