Organic and Fresh Foods
In Hawai'i we use a variety of vegetation that we use to cook with. Also, with these vegetation we also need beef, pork, chicken or fish to mix it with. Here at 'Ahiu Hawaii we've teamed with individual Ranchers and Farmers to offer you FRESH, ORGANICALLY RAISED food for you and your families....We care about your health and so should you! When you see the items that you want just simply call us to place your order!

Taro Leaves

Taro leaves and stems- used for making laulau, squid luau, and many more. Sold by the pound.

Hapu`u Shoots (Kakuma)

Used to cook in a variety of dishes, or even to make pickles. Sold by per shoot.

Fresh Fish

Variety of fish ranging from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the reefs around the Islands. Sold per pound, per species.


Excellent for lining items when foil isn't available. Wrapping laulau's, other cooking purposes and/or presentation cooking. Sold per leaf.

Sweet Potatoes

Excellent in making deserts, mashed up for infants, or even eaten by itself. Sold per pound.


Probably the biggest that you've seen. Excellent for deep frying or putting into soups. Sold per pound.

Live Chickens

You cant get any fresher than this! Whole Live Chickens! All Chickens are grain fed but are living in an open range ranch. Sold per pound.

Live Cattle

Live pasture grazed cattle. A variety of sizes to choose from. Healthy and ready to be picked up. Sold per pound.

Fresh Smoke Meat

Mmmm! Cook it with some warabi and your good to go. No other ingredients needed to cook with it! Sold per pound.


Very nutritional, high in fiber and a whole bunch of other things. Excellent in salads and also with cooking. Sold by the pound.

Hot Hawaiian Chili Peppers

We bet that you can't handle these little suckers! Really hot! Excellent for making shoyu chili pepper sauce, chili pepper water and more. Sold by the pound.

Fresh Smoked Sausage

Real fat and round sausages. We only use beef casing so that you get more for your buck. Onolicious flavors to choose from.

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