Tessie Pancipanci


Accounting Clerk, but unemployed for now and staying home with baby and loving it. =)

What island do you live on?

What is your favorite thing that you like to do? My favorite thing I like to do is Yoga! but I also love hunting, it's such an adventure....

What's your favorite food to eat?
I love to eat... but I must say, shrimp is my fave food.

Hey, so I've known you for quite sometime. I would never think that you would be going pig hunting. Who started you off?
My boyfriend Ben.

Do you consider yourself as one of those hard core pig hunters?
Hmmmmm, hard core? Well, yeah I guess. Only because when I go, it's usually with Ben and he walks to the limits of the extreme! And anyone who has gone with him will agree with me, for a chick, I handle!!! ;)

On the average, what is the distance that you usually walk - roundtrip?
The distance ROUNDTRIP, I would say about 20 miles. (and that’s not counting the UP,
DOWNS, & ZIGZAGS). That would be more.

No wonder you have a fit body! Is there anything else you do to keep you outdoors?
Besides hunting, once in a while we'll go camping and sometimes fishing. But nothing can beat HUNTING!

By the way, how tall are you?

It’s the majority of the size of the girls in Hawaii. Do you get punked around sometimes because of your height?
Hahaha... yeah, some try. It depends if I KNOW them or not, then I'll punk back, it's a small town and you're bound to get it once in a while. But you just got to hold your ground. Just a local girl thing.

I bet! That mouth of yours just won’t be quiet. Like they say, “Little package outside, but a dynamite inside!”

Well it was nice having you as one of the 'Ahiu Wahines!
Can’t wait to go on another adventure.....It was a FUN and LONG adventure hunting with you... let's do it again soon!......xoxo






Name -
Malia Leilani

My Sign - Gemini

So who started you off to ride horses? When I was a  child my mother took my friend and I to ride horses. After that moment I fell in love, and  i've been riding ever since.

So where are you from? Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

So what brings you to Hawaii? I came to Hawaii so I could attend college here.

What are you taking up in college? Mechanical Engineering.

Wow! Not only you  can ride horses but you can wrench and design a car too? Yepp!

Is there anything else that we should know about you? I love to go 4-wheeling!

So when can you take us out on an adventure like that? Sorry......I'm leaving to go back to Oklahoma.......:(








Before I go into how the photo shoot went, let me tell everyone how we met. I seen Malia one day at one of our local Dog Shelters. It wasn't the smile that caught my attention, or the curvy body she possessed, but it was the blue jeans and her cow-girl boots she was sporting. Now how often do you see girls, I mean hot girls sporting an outfit like that? Anyway, I said to myself I wonder if she can ride horses? She would be perfect for the next shoot! So I asked her if she could ride horses....Well I'm not gonna go into the whole conversation, but fellas, here she is and I hope that you took the time to watch the video.
Now lets fast forward to the photo shoot. It was a rainy day, cold as heck because we were up in the mountain too. It felt like we were gonna get hypothermia. We were all deciding if we should cancel the shoot, but who in their right mind would miss a shoot with a hot cowgirl.....well we sure didn't! I'm glad to say no matter how cold Malia was or how wet she got laying in the grass, nothing stopped her from executing the mission that was given! Oh by the way gentleman, Malia can really ride a horse! And she's damn good at it!>>>>A.P


Name -

My Sign - Aquarius

So how did you get into hunting? I grew up with two older brothers that are hunters. So it was likely that I would tag along and do what they were doing.

Wow 2 older brothers.... It must be difficult for you to meet guys. Are they overprotective? Yeah they can be overprotective. But for the most part they both are pretty cool brothers to have around. I value their opinions and do take into consideration some of the things they say. But in the end , I am the one with the final say.

So we all want to know if your single? Sorry guys, I'm taken.

If you were single what do you look for in a guy? Hmm. It's hard to say now days. Like any girl, I could list a bunch of qualities I want in a guy. But in reality those qualities aren't as important as the connection and spark that you share with someone.

So are you a Trophy Hunter or a Meat Hunter? Both. But I think Trophy Hunting is more of a challenge, and helps build your skills as a hunter.

One last question. What kind of outdoor advice can you share with all of us? Just have fun and enjoy the outdoors!




It was about 2am when we left for South Kona to go hunting, also to do Rodlyn's photo shoot. Its a good thing though we were in a Dodge Diesel. Anyway, when we arrived at the top of the ranch it was obvious the land hadn't seen any rainfall for quite sometime and we knew that would pose a problem while stalking any animal. (when the area is dry, all the vegetation down below creates loud crunchy sounds.) To my surprise though, Rodlyn did a darn good job approaching animals and easily getting to shooting range. Its just to bad though the camera man had a hard time keeping up with her to get the action shot! Ahh dats aight! Next time......
Of course we all wish that we got to see more of Rodlyn. But gentleman, she's a shy girl. Hopefully we'll get more pics of her in another shoot.>>>>A.P


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