Aloha! My name is Orion-Independance Kahikina Enocencio. I was born here on the beautiful Island of Hawaii.  Soon after, my family and I moved to the Island of O'ahu. I remember while growing up my family and I would always go to Makaha Beach on the west coast of the island. My Papa would always be in the water spearing fish while my mom cooked rice. On the other hand my sisters would be getting pounded by the waves while my brother and I would be fishing. We then moved back to the Island of Hawaii where my Papa showed us the abundance of the Hawaii island. Every weekend we would either be harvesting fresh water shrimp (opai), prawns, hunting, fishing, diving or even harvesting the local forest fruits and vegetables. I'm so thankful for what I had been taught throughout my life.  I hope I can share these same experiences with you! A Hui Hou!


Hi, I'm Chuck. I was born and raised on the Big island of Hawaii. I grew up in the Kaumana area of Hilo which I feel is a nice central location to either go to the mountain for hunting or to the ocean for fishing and diving. I’ve always loved to do these outdoor activities growing up and still do till this day; I try never to miss an opportunity. Throughout the years I have gained knowledge through experience in techniques on how and what it takes to be successful in the mountain or ocean. I began my hunting days starting off with the traditional 30-30 up on Mauna Kea for sheep and later graduated to higher powered guns. When I felt somewhat accomplished with my knowledge on hunting for sheep on Mauna Kea I turned to the challenge of hunting sheep with archery equipment. I began archery hunting the first year solo cam bows came out and TM type rests were a part of good quality archery equipment. I learned a lot through trial and error and sought out information from seasoned archers to better myself. I believe it has made me a lot more knowledgeable in tuning bows and other concepts of archery. If your shooting isn't what you feel it should be for the hunt, I'm sure I could somehow help. As a guide I offer good field judging of animals within an inch or two. Also I am a good judge of a hunter’s skill level. Which means, If I feel you have good judgment and hunting skills I will let you use your skills to try and get the animal you want? And if not, I'll be there to help you along the way. I look forward to hunting with you.
Aloha, Chuck


Hi, My name is Aldon. I was born and raised here on the Big Island of Hawai`i. The ocean is my life and diving is my passion. Other then diving I also enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and surfing. I have been in and about the water ever since i can remember but have been diving hardcore for the past three years. I am `Ahiu Hawaii's Graphic Designer. With a background in digital art and videography you can rest assured that your experience with `Ahiu Hawaii will be well documented and edited with the best, cutting edge graphics, tools, and skills around!

                                         Aldon Hara

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